Customised Progressives for Dynamic Vision

iseries digitally advanced customised progressive lenses are specially designed to offer maximum width of vision as per individual needs suitable for his lifestyle, leisure or line of work. There are three products in this series, each one offering customised enhanced width of near, intermediate or far vision

Dynamic Progressives for Customised Wider Far Vision

Maestro Dual is a revolutionary personalised progression design that eliminates the swim effect by minimising both the amount and the gradient of astigmatism. It offers an extremely wide intermediate visual field along with very soft transition ideal for active lifestyle, and also controls blurriness in a unique way to make it almost imperceptible.

Dynamic Progressives for Customised Wider Intermediate Vision

ismart is a super customised advanced progressive lens designed to provide wider intermediate zone beyond imagination. This innovative design offers intermediate zone increase up to 50% and up to 70% as per the specific width of vision needs of the wearer.

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