Advanced Personalised Progressives with a Unique DNA

Maestro is a highly advanced and totally personalised progressive lens design, which employs the innovative optimisation of See Clear technology to significantly reduce unwanted astigmatism or blurriness. An extremely adaptable progressive lens, Maestro delivers the precise visual needs of presbyopes using handheld devices every day in today’s digital era.


  • Completely personalised progressive lenses that considers the real position of use
  • Significant reduction of up to 30% unwanted astigmatism enabled by SeeClear Technology
  • Minimised amount and gradient of astigmatism to eliminate swim effect
  • Highly optimised near vision
  • Comfortable vision while using handheld devices in today’s digital environment
  • UltraThin Technology enabled lightness of lens.
  • Accelerated adaptation
  • Highly balanced lens
  • Improved vision in all gaze directions
  • Superior ergonomic design and aesthetics

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