Seto Single Vision Lenses
Seto Single Vision Lenses
Seto Single Vision Lenses

Premium Coated Single Vision Lens for Protected Vision

Lustraa HD is a high definition coating offering multiple effective protection for your lenses.It delivers greater viewing experience, optimum clarity and enhanced durability for long-lasting performance. Lustraa UV+ is the newest generation of

Single Vision Lens for Better Vision..

Seto single vision lenses are your perfect companion, whether for near vision, far vision or your daily activities. Simple, yet cool, these new age designs offer quality vision and complement your contemporary lifestyle. Be the cool, confident you

Single Vision Lens that Amplifies your Vision

Seto FD+ is an upgraded single vision lens to offer you freedom of enjoying better quality of vision, whether near or far. Every Seto FD+ lens comes with protective features that offer effective shield from scratches, water, reflection and dust,

Upgraded Single Vision Lens for Optimised Vision

Seto Arex is the perfect prescription product in digital single vision lenses offering crisp, spot-on optics. Using the best of the virtual lens era, your prescription lenses are crafted with utmost precision. Just what the doctor prescribed!

Personalised Digital Lenses for Precise Vision

Personage is a hi-tech lens in single vision that considers the position of wear to deliver a personalised lens that minimises oblique astigmatism. Its unique Ultra Thin optimisation technology creates a brilliant combination of optics