Speciality Lenses

These are specially created progressive lenses with the visual needs at home or office in mind. High on functionality, they are the ideal lenses for the right in-room visual experience at residential or work environment.

Ease at Work Lens

The typical tasks in today’s digital era offices demand working in a multi-screen environment, leading to presbyopia, which reduces effective visual performance. The specially developed super smooth design of MyOffice progressive lenses provides the necessary visual sharpness for optimum visual performance when working with multiple digital devices at office


  • New generation bifocals for near and far vision
  • Personalised lens that considers the real position of wear
  • No image jump and smooth vision shift
  • Increased visual acuity
  • No visible line or blend of vision zones
  • Great blend of aesthetics and vision quality

Stress Free Lens

Today’s dynamic life requires constant on-screen work in office, or work from home. This puts a lot of stress on the eyes and causes visual fatigue. Unwind progressive lenses have been designed with an innovative technique to precisely address this common problem. These are special stress-free lenses primed to relax the eyes and reduce visual fatigue, for comfort viewing at home or office


  • Advanced single vision lenses for stress-free viewing
  •  Innovative design calculated to reduce visual fatigue
  •  Greatest possible comfort while using digital devices
  • Gives boost to eyes undergoing frequent accommodation
  • Suitable for ages from 18 to 45 years
  • Greatest possible comfort