Progressive Spectacles
Progressive Spectacles
Progressive Spectacles

Advanced Progressives for Comfort Vision

The advanced progressive spectacles lens are designed for your comfort vision.

As time has progressed, your needs have become more precise and your tastes more evolved. We know, today, you demand only the best and that which serves your specific need, without compromise. And it remains the same when it comes to your specific vision needs.

For the special, discerning patrons like you, we present Vizotec range of advanced, freeform progressive lenses made with evolved digital technology, customised as per your increasing vision area needs, and seamlessly complementing your work, leisure and lifestyle.


Progressive Glasses

Progressives with Hi-adaptability Vision Comfort

Progressive Reading Glasses

Hi-performance Progressives for Wider Near Zone

Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses

Hi-quality Progressives with Integral Optimised Design