More Active More Faster Photofun Lens
Blocks 100% UVA and UVB Lights
PhotoFun UV3G Hyper Protection Lens
Photochromic Lenses

More Active, More Faster

Photochromic Lenses Helps To Protect Your Eyes From Sunlight

Photofun photochromic lenses help to protect your eyes from Sunlight. Its sensitive color-changing molecules instantly detect ultraviolet light. Perfect clear indoors, they are designed to quickly change into a darker shade in the sun and outdoors. Blocking high energy visible light, 380nm – 450nm wavelength.

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Photochromic Lens

PhotoFun UV3G Hyper Protection Lenses enable to block out harmful UVA & UVB light, more than normal UV420 lens & protect against digital device blue light.

Advanced photochromic lens in adaptive technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light. Innovative photochromic technology offers the ultimate in convenient view: clear, tint-free or slightly tinted vision when indoors and glare-reducing tint when exposed to UV light.

Benefits of wearing Photochromic Lenses :

  • The lens is highly adjustable to varying lighting conditions in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Photochromic lenses are able to adapt and can be enhanced by using additional treatments like anti-glare coating and scratch-resistance coating.
  • They are distortion-free and can be worn in rains.

“PhotoFun UV3G Hyper Protection Lens” have been specially developed by Yash Optics & Lens.

Advantages of PHOTOFUN lenses:

  • Active and Faster adaptation to environmental changes (indoor, outdoor, high or low brightness).
  • Provides greater comfort, by reducing eyestrain and glare from the sun.
  • Available for any and every pair of prescriptions.
  • Daily protection against harmful UV rays, by absorbing 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • They allow you to stop juggling between your pair of clear glasses and your sunglasses.