New Progressive Lens Technology

Yash Optics & Lens has always been at the forefront of adopting freeform digital new progressive lens technology through computer-aided design and surfacing to create high-level, customised eyeglass lenses for every unique prescription, with maximum optics and aesthetics.

A unique production process is based on the following innovative revolutionary technologies:

SeeClear Technology, UltraThin Technology, BinoSync Technology, OptiView Technology, DigiContour Technology, Wavefront Technology, Uniform Binocular Technology & 4k Technology. This new technology provides customer with a unique opportunity to get a natural vision without boundaries. For the first time, these supporting progressive lenses can help to enjoy the stability of the image & wide view with clear sharp vision.

Digital FreeForm Technology

Freeform Digital

Yash Optics & Lens uses the new generation Advanced Digital Freeform New Progressive Lenses Technology through computer-aided design and surfacing to create high-level, customised eyeglass lenses for every unique prescription. Lenses made with freeform digital technology enable enhanced vision sharpness.

WaveFront Technology


The advanced Wavefront
Technology allows reduction of
unwanted high level of
aberrations and distortion from
lenses and enables creation of more
versatile lenses.

Uniform Binocular Technology

Uniform Binocular

This new age progressive lens technology enables the wearer to use both eyes together to produce unified image. It allows for comparison of information observed with
each eye, judging distances more accurately, and co-ordinate eye movements for obtaining more accurate vision.

4K Technology


The advanced 4K technology
allows wearers to view any object in all directions of gaze. It also provides reflective crystal clear vision in any dimension.

See Clear Technology


SeeClear is a breakthrough latest technology that
finally provides an effective solution to the age old problem of astigmatism or blurriness. Innovative optimisation of this progressive lens technology enables significant reduction of unwanted astigmatism

Ultra Thin Technology


The highly advanced UltraThin Technology raises the bar for creating aesthetic lenses with maximum lightness. This unique technology allows for a differentiated stunning effect with the minimum possible thickness and centered to the real frame shape.