LUSTRAA HD Heigh Defination Coating for Multiple Protection
LUSTRAA UV+ Maximum Protection from Harmful UV Rays
LUSTRAA BLUE+ Protection from Digital Device Blue Light
LUSTRAA IR+ Anti-reflection Treatment from Solar Impacts
DRIVEASE Reduce Glare for More Comfortable Driving
FOG FREE Clear Fog Free Vision in Daily Activity
Coated Lenses

Premium Innovative Coating Range

Premium Coated Lenses

Premium coated lenses can enhance the durability, performance and appearance of your eyeglasses.

Every day, your precious lenses are confronted with many unwanted challenges…

Scratches, Dust, Water, Smoke, Refection, UV Rays.

As a result, not only is your lens life reduced, but it also affects your vision clarity and tires your eyes causing eye fatigue. You need a suitable quality coated lenses to adequately protect your lens, and you enjoy continued comfortable viewing.

Presenting LUSTRAA range of ultimate and innovative premium coatings to deliver that exclusive protection your lenses need, and the complete eye care that you deserve.

We, at Yash Optics & Lens, have always been at the forefront of innovation. Our range of value-added innovative offerings is known for its premium quality.

Ultimate protection from premium coated lenses

Lustraa coating is a multilayer combination with distinct properties that benefit:

Coated Lenses

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