Personalised Progressives for Professionals

ProSeries is the best optometric range offering the most digitally advanced designs, specially created and highly personalised for professionals, to deliver their specific vision needs as per their demanding profession. ProSeries is an evolution of 5 breakthrough technologies which takes the visual experience beyond.

Hi-End Personalised Progressive Lenses for Maximised Visual Performance

Maestro Dual is a revolutionary personalised progression design that eliminates the swim effect by minimising both the amount and the gradient of astigmatism. It offers an extremely wide intermediate visual field along with very soft transition ideal for active lifestyle, and also controls blurriness in a unique way to make it almost imperceptible.

Revolutionary Personalised Progressives with Breakthrough Enhancements

Maestro Infinite is a high-end personalised progressive lens design primed to deliver maximum visual performance across all distances with utmost precision. Its advanced progression technology enables to constantly evolve the near area so that is never reduced with the growth in addition, in terms of effective vision area.

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