Hi-End Personalised Digital Premium Progressive Lenses for Maximised Visual Performance

Maestro Dual is a revolutionary personalised digital premium progressive lenses design that eliminates the swim effect by minimising both the amount and the gradient of astigmatism. It offers an extremely wide intermediate visual field along with very soft transition ideal for active lifestyle, and also controls blurriness in a unique way to make it almost imperceptible.

Digital Premium Progressive Lenses Features

  • Highly effective near and far fields of vision
  •  Designed to evolve the near area with the growth in addition
  •  Significant reduction of up to 40% unwanted astigmatism enabled by SeeClear Technology
  •  Panoramic far vision
  •  Adapted to modern digital world
  •  Clinical precision and maximised visual performance at all distances
  •  UltraThin Technology enabled lightness of lens
  •  Accelerated adaptation
  •  Highly balanced lens
  •  Improved vision in all gaze directions
  •  Superior ergonomic design and aesthetics

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Digital Premium Progressive Lenses