Revolutionary Personalised Premium Progressive Lenses with Breakthrough Enhancement

Maestro Infinite is a high-end personalised premium progressive lens design primed to deliver maximum visual performance across all distances with utmost precision. Its advanced progression technology enables to constantly evolve the near area so that is never reduced with the growth in addition, in terms of effective vision area.

Premium Progressive Lens Features

  • Widest intermediate visual field with natural near and far vision
  • Significant reduction of up to 50% unwanted astigmatism enabled by SeeClear Technology
  •  Minimised amount and gradient of astigmatism to eliminate swim effect
  •  Limitless visual perception
  •  Excellence in visual comfort
  •  Optimised progression distribution according to real frame shape
  •  Sharp vision at all distances
  •  UltraThin Technology enabled lightness of lens to max
  • Accelerated adaptation
  • Highly balanced lens
  •  Improved vision in all gaze directions
  •  Superior ergonomic design and aesthetics

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Premium Progressive