Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses

Hi-quality Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses with Integral Optimised Design

Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses

If you want multi-directional custom-fit wide corridor progressive lenses, Optivise advanced progressive lenses are just what the doctor prescribed. These are highest quality and fully customised progressive lenses with an integral optimised design.

Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses Features

  • Multi-directional customised freeform design
  • Perfect combination of digital surfacing and freeform technology
  • Higher pixel concentration at every point
  • Sharp focus in multi-direction
  • Provides exceptional vision comfort
  • Eliminates swim/sway effects
  • Optimum vision quality in high prescription
  • Better cosmetic outcome


Ask for Yash O&L Authenticity Card for your lenses

Lens Design

optocare wide corridor progressive lenses