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Yash Optics & Lens is the fastest emerging

optical and lens company over the last 20 years

Top quality

for optimal vision and a

perfect look.

Yash O&L superior quality progressive lenses

We are a leading manufacturer of Digital Free Form Progressive Lenses. With the help of advanced machines and technology, each pair of glasses is the result of an ongoing R&D process that combines passion, innovation, and creativity with the latest technology and master craftsmanship.

We offer the widest range of high-quality progressive lenses and individual customised lenses with LUSTRAA premium coating.

Our Vision

Yash O&L thrives to be the best optical solutions company from India, delivering the latest in vision healthcare, both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

Yash O&L is fully committed to attain its vision through an unwavering adherence to its mission of employing the best cutting edge technology.

Corporate Philosophy

Yash O&L pursues a single minded philosophy of valuing the precious vision of all those who value their lives; to ultimately deliver happy eyes.

Core Values

Honest Practice, Dedication & Commitment, Technology Adoption, Passion to Deliver, Customer Service, Vision of Growth

Superior quality lenses by Yash Optics & Lens

Advanced Technology. International Quality.

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Complete range

advanced, customised & personalised lenses

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Brilliant, pin-sharp vision

thanks to individual bespoke manufacture of the lenses

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Optimal wearing comfort and aesthetics

thanks to perfect fit and design

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Masterpieces of German engineering

from complete product development in Germany

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High-precision eye measurement

with patented devices, for perfectly matching spectacles

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Guaranteed premium quality

thanks to highest standards & strict inspection processes

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Happy Customers

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