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Types of Progressive Lenses For Your Profession

Types of different progressive lenses designed for your vision healthcare solutions. The widest range of high-quality advanced progressive lenses, digital freeform progressive lenses, individual customised progressive lenses, and personalised progressive lenses for professionals.

Advanced Progressives for Comfort Vision

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Experience the freeform expanded designs, specially created to suit your active lifestyle.

Types of VIZOTEC Progressive Lenses Range

INNOLITE – Progressives with Hi-adaptability Vision Comfort

VISIFLEX – Hi-performance Progressives for Wider Near Zone

OPTOCARE – Hi-quality Progressives with Integral Optimised Design

Customised Progressives for Dynamic Vision

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Pioneering vision healthcare solutions to maximise optical experience with widest view area.

Types of ISERIES Progressive Lenses Range

IFLEX – Dynamic Progressives for Customised Wider Near Vision

IPIXEL – Dynamic Progressives for Customised Wider Far Vision

ISMART – Dynamic Progressives for Customised Wider Intermediate Vision

Personalised Progressives for Professionals

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Unmatched digital vision health solutions with premium optometric designs for precise individual professional needs.

Types of PROSERIES Progressive Lenses Range

MAESTRO – Advanced Personalised Progressives with a Unique DNA

MAESTRO DUAL – Hi-End Personalised Progressive Lenses for Maximised Visual Performance

MAESTRO INFINITE – Revolutionary Personalised Progressives with Breakthrough Enhancements