Advanced and adaptive Blue Block lenses selectively filter out the amount of harmful blue light of electronic devices from entering the eyes. They very effectively reduce eye fatigue and provide a strain-free visual experience.

Pro-React, the photochromic lenses react and adapt to changing light situations as they become progressively darker on increasing exposure to UV radiation and become clear when the radiation decreases. Pro-React offers top quality safety against glare in almost any scenario.

PhotoFun lenses are premium photochromic lens that enable faster and more active change from indoor to outdoor seamlessly and with utmost vision comfort. PhotoFun lenses are a great way to protect your eyes, visual acuity, colour contrast, visual comfort, and also blocks out harmful UV light.

Polarised, is a high performance material that combines clear vision with protection from reflective lights. Polarised lenses incorporate
a special filter to soak up scattered light and impact of horizontal glares, and also provides the wearer with superb consolation.
They extend visual clarity while lowering eyestrain, when working outdoors and also offer maximum protection for outdoor
sports enthusiasts.

MR Series, is best suited for ophthalmic lenses as it offers a variety of products to provide the best solution for optical lens users.
It is known as the first thiourethane based high index lens material. MR-8 are excellent optical materials with high refractive index,
high Abbe value, low specific gravity and high impact resistance generated by the polymerising monomers.