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Yash Optics and Lens, is the fastest emerging technology-driven optical and lens company from India. Having carved out a niche for its expertise in manufacturing optical lenses over the last 23 years, today, Yash O&L stands at the forefront of delivering hi-tech digital vision healthcare solutions.


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Intelligent Lenses

We present ALIOTH, a range of lenses designed based on sophisticated optometric algorithms, in collaborations with IOT, a multinational provider of revolutionary customized innovations to the global optical industry.

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Experience Life Picture Perfect

With innovative optics technology, PENTAX optical lenses are designed with precision for sharp vision and wider field of view, delivering performance and durability.

LUSTRAA Premium Innovative Coating Range

Presenting LUSTRAA premium innovative coating range to deliver that exclusive protection your lenses need and the complete eye care that you deserve.

Lustraa Coating a premium spectacle lenses coating range improves contrasts without distorting colour vision to provide strain-free, enhance visual experience with an advanced anti-reflection technology.

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LUSTRAA HD Heigh Defination Coating for Multiple Protection
LUSTRAA UV+ Maximum Protection from Harmful UV Rays
LUSTRAA BLUE+ Protection from Digital Device Blue Light
LUSTRAA IR+ Anti-reflection Treatment from Solar Impacts
DRIVEASE Reduce Glare for More Comfortable Driving
FOG FREE Clear Fog Free Vision in Daily Activity
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protection from Scratches, Dust, Water, Smoke, Reflection & UV Rays

Newest generation of Oleophobic Coating comes with the maximum

Premium Spectacle Lenses Coatings

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A range of ultimate and innovative premium coatings

Lustraa Coated Lens

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Reflection & UV Rays

Maximum protection from Scratches, Dust, Water, Smoke,

Premium Spectacle Lenses Coatings

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Without Lustraa Coated Lens

Widest range of high quality Digital Freeform Progressive Lenses

We offers the widest range of high quality digital freeform progressive lenses and individual customised lenses in a variety of stipulations. From quality single vision lenses to advanced progressive lenses, customised progressive lenses to personalised progressives for professionals, and an industry leading range of premium coatings.

Yash Optics and Lens
Yash Optics and Lens

Advanced, Customised & Personalised Premium Progressive Lenses

A best available optometric range offering the most digitally advanced designs, specially created and highly personalised for professionals, to deliver their specific vision needs as per their demanding profession.

Protect against harmful Blue Light & UV Ray’s


“Photofun UV3G Hyper Protection Lens” have been specially developed by Yash Optics & Lens.

Photofun lenses helps to protect your eyes from Sunlight. Its sensitive color-changing molecules instantly detect ultraviolet light. Perfect clear indoors, they are designed to quickly change into a darker shade in the sun and outdoors.


New stylish BLUEBLOCK lenses that helps to block, blue light with wavelengths between 380 nm and 500 nm, that can scatter easily causing detrimental damage to the eye.

Yash Optics & Lens introduced BlueBlock lenses that blocks high energy blue light emitted from digital devices.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

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Yash Optics and Lens, is the fastest emerging optical and lens company. Having carved out a niche for its expertise in optical lens industry over the last 20 years, today, Yash O&L stands at the forefront of manufacturing an ever growing assortment of hi-tech and digital vision healthcare solutions.