Best Progressive Lenses In India

Yash Optics & Lens is the fastest emerging

technology-driven optical and lens company from India

over the last 23 years

Top quality

for optimal vision and a

perfect look.

Best Progressive Lenses In India

Best progressive lenses in India, we are the leading manufacturer of digital freeform progressives, offers a wide array of vision correction solutions catering to the needs of one and all. Enhancing customisation possibilities like reading from a distance, driving at night, reducing eyestrain caused by digital devices, and much more.

We are India’s leading RX laboratory headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its have carved its position over the last decades as a partner in progress for opticians in India and globally.

We offer the widest range of high-quality progressive lenses and individual customised lenses with LUSTRAA premium coating.

The latest lenses are made with German technology.

Enabling everyone to enjoy better vision health.

Best Progressive Lenses In India


Yash O&L thrives to be the optical solutions company for the best progressive lenses in India, delivering the latest in vision healthcare, both domestically and internationally.


Yash O&L is fully committed to attain its vision through an unwavering adherence to its mission of employing the best cutting edge technology for delivering the best in vision healthcare solutions.

Best Progressive Lenses In India

Best Progressive Lenses In India

Corporate Philosophy

Yash O&L pursues a single minded philosophy of valuing the precious vision of all those who value their lives; to ultimately deliver happy eyes that enable their healthy life.

Core Values

Honest Practice, Dedication & Commitment, Technology Adoption, Passion to Deliver, Customer Service, Vision of Growth

Best Progressive Lenses In India

Best Progressive Lenses in India by Yash Optics & Lens

Advanced Technology. International Quality.

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Complete range

advanced, customised & personalised lenses

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Brilliant, pin-sharp vision

thanks to individual bespoke manufacture of the lenses

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Optimal wearing comfort and aesthetics

thanks to perfect fit and design

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Masterpieces of German engineering

from complete product development in Germany

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High-precision eye measurement

with patented devices, for perfectly matching spectacles

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Guaranteed premium quality

thanks to highest standards & strict inspection processes

Best Progressive Lenses In India

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Best Progressive Lenses In India

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Best Progressive Lenses In India

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Best Progressive Lenses In India


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