blue light filtering
Blue Block Lenses
Blue Block Lenses


New stylist BLUE BLOCK lenses by Lustraa that helps to block, blue light with wavelengths between 380 nm and 500 nm, that can scatter easily causing detrimental damage to the eye.

Yash Optics & Lens introduced Blue Block lenses that blocks high energy blue light emitted from digital devices.

BlueBlock lenses are designed to protect your eyes from extended exposure to harmful blue-violet light, make screen time more comfortable for your better vision.

Blue Rays Lenses

Protects your eyes from Blue Block Lens. The advanced blue block technology lens provides UV 420 protection and filters harmful blue ultraviolet rays from digital devices like a smartphone, computer screen, laptop, tablet, sun, and other digital devices, etc. Present in every day’s lifestyle.

Yash Lenses delivers BlueBlock Lens with more durability and long-lasting with enhancing visual acuity, comfort, and style to protect your eyes.

In our day-to-day life, our eyes are exposed to blue light coming from various screens, like working continuously in front of the computer, surfing a smartphone, watching TV & exposure to UV rays coming from the sun, etc., this leads to various eye problems.

You may face problems like eye strain, headache & blur vision. One must consult an eye doctor and ask about BlueBlock Lenses.

BlueBlock lenses technology makes it possible to produce clear lenses that block high-energy light from the UV spectrum up to 420nm visible light. To reduce eye strain, headache & blurred vision.

Our BlueBlock Lenses are 100% UV light protected. Our advance free form technology provides a lens with UV protection and filters harmful ultraviolet light which is present in TV, smartphone, computer screen, tablets, and many more.

Benefits and Features:

  • Improved contrast on digital screens
  • Reduce eye strain and glare
  • Sustainable eye health
  • Reduce blue light and indoor glare
  • Automatic adjustment to light condition outdoor
  • Blocks harmful UV rays from the sun