Outdoor Lenses

Perfect Outdoor Lenses for Active Lifestyle

Sportact is a range of cool, colourful, curvature outdoor lenses specially designed for sports activities and effective night vision requirements. A perfect combination of performance and protection, Sportact complements an active way of life, and provides sharp, wide fields of vision even in challenging weather conditions. Available in single vision lenses and prescription sports lenses, Sportact offers a wide choice in polaroids and the attractive colour vision range, to deliver a classy glamorous look to the wearer.

SPORTACT Stylish Premium Polarised Mirror coated lenses enhances vision and fashion in both sun and sports eyewear, giving you advanced sun protection and sophistication to your fashion and lifestyle.

Features of Outdoor Lenses

  • Specially designed for sports activities and an active way of life
  • Perfect combination of performance and protection
  • Sharp, wide fields of vision even in challenging weather conditions
  • The right ally for night drive vision
  • Available in polarised and in attractive colour vision range
  • Classy outdoor lenses with glamorous look
Outdoor Lenses